Who We Are

We are a growing team of passionate, multi-talented women who love to support thriving online business owners in their marketing, admin, and systems operations. Whether in the day-to-day routines, or in the collaborative complexities, we love partnering with solopreneurs and small businesses. 

We find our greatest fulfillment through the genuine connections we cultivate. We are committed to the process – and we are committed to make big, big impact towards our client’s bottom line and consistent investment towards their big, big vision.

As we learn from our own experiences in business (and from those around us), we develop resources, training, and business health + happy inspiration for the VA community.

Jade Smith, Founder & Virtual Assistant

When I began Mrs. Smith Assist...

I had someone in mind that was a Mary Poppins of sorts.  She had a nifty bag of tricks, a lovely attitude, and she could accomplish anything you needed with the flip of her wand!

Isn’t that what everyone needs in life? A heroic friend that can troubleshoot hard problems, knock off pesky to-dos, and all the while keep a wonderful attitude about dreams for the future?

In the making of “Mrs. Smith Assist”, I had one goal in mind: I want to provide small business owners a one-stop shop for everything they need. Someone trusted, versatile in skill and eternally optimistic!

I like the sound of that! I’m sure you do too. Anyone who has a lot to do is in need of superior support.


Jade Smith has over 10 years of administrative experience with her background stemming from the non-profit sector, ministry and video production. She’s your Strategic Achiever that naturally functions as a long-term partner with your business right at the start, as she begins to question the big picture, strategize effectiveness ,and bring about healthy growth. She thrives in project management, systems and marketing support for small business owners. She enjoys building customized databases for content planning, conceptualizing beautiful workflows, and engaging in one-on-one creative collaboration.

Jade is truly passionate about serving others and making their lives easier. She values the development of healthy team cultures, and cultivating unique skills and personalities. Jade truly believes that your best work will come out of rest and enjoyment of life, not the burnout or one-man show mentality. “Quality produces profitability” and the highest quality is built with incremental, consistent investments day in and day out.

Jade’s clients rave about her ability to jump right in with initiative, problem solve and brainstorm creative solutions. She’s obsessively planning and eternally strategizing. She’s a detail-oriented, left-brain creative.

When it’s time to play, Jade can be found escaping to the Ft. Worth Zoo with her husband, Paden, and their children, Jonah, Eden, and Shiloh. Jade and Paden are both small business owners and worship leaders. Jade’s blog for Christian women can be found at Laughing Over Tomorrow.

You need someone who understands the “in-between”.

Building a business (at any phase) is like a thrilling and scary rollercoaster ride.

It looks like financial ups and downs, personal investment, loss, joy, freedom, burnout, learning curves, and so much more. Building a business refines so much within us and it requires so much from us. 

It’s a very personal journey where the stakes can feel high. 

But you don’t have to be the only one invested in your business.

Sometimes it might feel like you are the only one who can be invested in your business, but we’re on a mission to transform those feelings and show you that we’re invested too. 

There are seasons where you do a LOT of heavy lifting. Trust me, I know. You will always be your business’ number one advocate. That’s never going to change. It’s your job to be the biggest advocate and your business’ biggest fan!! You call the hard shots, spend most of the late nights, and probably, drink the most coffee. 

You being the highest investor will never change….

But, what will also never change is your growth – if you don’t recruit your investors. 

An investor (by definition) makes room for increase that would not be impossible on your own. 

Think about what that looks like for your next season of growth…

Who do you trust right now in the process? What kind of team do you need in the in-between? How would it feel to have consistent support in the uncertain times?


Our standard of integrity includes honesty and respect towards and within our efforts.


We search for ways to bring meaning to your business and quality of life. We believe in meaningful connections with one another as we work.


We continue with diligence in an attitude of positivity, with steady and reliable work ethics.


Our commitment is to problem-solve and approach each challenge you face as if it is our own. We are determined to unfold solutions and innovation on your behalf.


Honoring others begins with kindness, but that is just the start. Our priority is to honor others, and to acknowledge the value of who they are, and what they come to bring.

Jazmine is a seasoned business manager. Her expertise lies in crafting effective SOPs, ensuring consistent and outstanding results for small to medium-sized businesses. She'll guide you toward your clear end goal. She firmly believes in fostering a sense of unity and joy among team members
Ashley finds purpose in assisting others as they achieve their goals & challenge themselves! With an extensive corporate and entrepreneurial background she is able to assist clients by prioritizing needs, and executing quality results.
Angelica shows up, ready to collaborate and pour passion into her projects, but mostly, into the people around her. She executes systems with careful intention, assesses operations for ease and facilitates pleasant atmospheres for workflow and innovation.
Leah is a lover of organization and lists, getting lost in a good book, and supporting small and growing businesses reach their goals! With years of experience and a cheerleader personality, Leah is always excited to provide encouragement and organization throughout all the projects she touches preparing a motivating plan of action to reach the goal!
As a dedicated wife and supermom of three, Anna has mastered the art of juggling life's chaos with grace. She's wired to thrive under pressure. She's here to help your business bloom and thrive by sprinkling her magic dust of organizational wizardry and time management genius.
Karrie is an avid learner and organization freak! She is your go-to guru for funnel building, a wizard at project and launch management, and your trusty tech virtual assistant. She's also a homeschool mom of 3, wife, and cat mom! In her spare time, she loves to read personal development books, bake, and travel with her family.
Keely is an empathetic powerhouse of written language. A professional psychologist, and inquisitive seeker of understanding human behavior, Keely gets to the heart of a matter when crafting copy for any audience.
Zandre is a creative at heart who has the power to bring a brand’s vision to life on screen by creating an online presence that engages, educates, and persuades. Aside from her creative persona, Zandre also has an analytical side that loves to come up with systems and keep things organized.
Jackie has a way with the details, and she's always on top of the nitty gritty. Jackie is a proud, loving mother and her warm nature and sense for punctual workflow makes the day-to-day easy. Jackie's fluid style is just one of the many qualities that elevates customer experience for those we serve.
Lori is a tech-savvy VA and creative extraordinaire with a whopping 20 years of experience! Lori is absolutely passionate about supporting goal-oriented entrepreneurs like you, making sure you thrive by boosting your production behind the scenes.
Haley is a dedicated problem solver with a passion for helping others. With seven years of experience as a math educator, she has honed her organizational skills and love for precision. Beyond work, she finds joy in spending time with her family, baking, and exploring new destinations.
Abby is a committed and motivated VA with a background in youth development. Abby likes finding ways to improve how things run through clear communication and effective marketing strategies. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her daughter, cooking up new recipes, going for walks, reading, and playing cards.
Taylor has been working in the online space for several years. She makes it her mission to take the workload off clients' plates so they can focus on what they truly love doing. When not working, Taylor spends time with her amazing husband and two daughters, making sourdough bread, finding gems at my local thrift store, or reading a good book.
With 10 years of experience as a Project Manager & Business Analyst, Ashley improves how clients do business, diving deep into every step of the client experience & your systems. A Certified Dubsado Specialist, Verified ClickUp Consultant & lover of all things tech, and Kansas City Chiefs (even before Taylor came along)!
Shelly is a wife of 24 years, mom to two amazing daughters and lots of fur babies. When she's not spending time working on fun tech projects for my clients, you can find Shelly hanging out by the pool or planning her next vacation!
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