You've got places to go.

I've got the perfect setup to calm the chaos and help you get there.

As the business owner, you’ve been working overtime to make your dream come to life. You’ve made it so far and accomplished so much.

Yet you still feel the chaos and overwhelm of burnout.

– wearing too many hats
– sitting too deep in the weeds
– longing for the next phase of growth that looks like bliss

Is that even possible?

Is that dream even a reality for a business owner?

Yes, I’m here to tell you with a resounding YES—if you’re still chasing this, it means you still have hope.
I’m so glad you’ve arrived with hope today because that means I caught you just in time.

We’re going to refuel your tank with more hope and vision and with belief for all of the possibilities.

Hi, I'm Jade.

I have supported over 100 businesses in the last 10 years.

And in those 10 years, I’ve learned a lot about many different businesses, and they all consist of and work well because of a common key: People. People like you

Isn’t it something? How we are able to build successful businesses? Our businesses only yield success because of the people inside them: driven, motivated, innovative.

It’s truly remarkable, and somewhat of a mind-blowing accomplishment. There’s so many moving pieces and we find ways to cut through the noise and make. it. happen. 

Now, YOU are the person leading and building your business, and I believe good leaders and good builders need support.

What happens in a strategy session?

Whether you are brand-new to online business and trying to understand “funnels” or pick a project management system—or if you simply need a sounding board to help you get clarity on your next step—a strategy session will give you the collaborative space you need to set yourself up for success.

I can help you …

✔️ Gain clarity
✔️ Strategize how to grow your business
✔️ Organize your chaos
✔️ Disable CEO mindset limitations
✔️ Get in and stay in your CEO lane
✔️ Work through your Dubsado questions (I’m Dubsado certified!)
✔️ Develop or refine your workflow and systems
✔️ Define and set goals
✔️ So much more

You may feel like you need a lot, but there’s a LOT you’re doing right, I assure you. However, taking just a moment to welcome outside perspective will profoundly affirm what to focus on and how to position well for your next move.

Because every business is different, each session is different. Here are some things we might focus on…

Your Needs

Your needs are what you’re thinking about day and night right now. It’s what’s slowing you down, causing confusion, muddling your CEO lane or zone-of-genius role, and preventing you from moving the needle. 

There are things that have shut you in a box and capped your potential. Those “things” are the needs that you’re neglecting. It’s not your fault. You’re taking care of what’s right in front of you! That’s a whole lot! 

Doesn’t that make you want to do something different? We’re going to take care of your needs – make a plan for your needs – and the rest will start to click into place.


Your Big Picture

As often as we talk about goal setting, it sure is easy to forget the big picture. Even as visionaries! There are so many reasons that this might happen, but often the big picture is neglected, because of those needs that take up all of our energy. 

Once you get your mind and heart back to the big picture, it’s time to play ball. We map every project with priorities, based on needs, budgets, desires, resources…you name it. When the big picture comes to life again, and you can see those dreams take form, you will naturally begin working to make them happen. 

Finally, all your hard-earned energy is spent on your big picture, and you’ll begin to feel so encouraged and excited, that the cyclical motion of your investments will return, return, return. You’ll become an addict of fulfilling achievements, but in the healthiest and most life-giving way possible.

Your Systems

We all know that systems make more possible without the manual work. Chances are you’re doing things in a funky, clunky way that’s contributing to those pain points and needs, or to your team’s efficiency. Your systems and processes trickle down to every part of your business, your team, your customers or clients, and they probably trickle down from you.

Want a quick understanding about the inner workings of your business? Easy. Take a look at your day-to-day life and work schedule. How does it flow? Is it fluid and intuitive? Is it disorganized and mindless? While it’s not always true, many people’s natural giftedness for systems (or lack thereof) is on display in their business from the very start. Until business owners recruit help to support their leadership and work styles, their business will continue to have gaps that need to be filled. 

Whether it’s an auditing of what you have, collaborating on what you need, or a total renovation or setup, your systems will free you up to scale with more freedom and more sanity. In reality, you won’t be able to scale without them.

Stop trying to figure it out on your own, and get the reassurance and confident support you need to move your business forward.

She can help you with your systems, she can help with things going onin life! You will walk away from it having so much more clarity, understanding, and direction. Highly, highly, highly recommended.

Jade really helped me put my thoughts down on paper and talk everything out. So so helpful! I can't wait to book another strategy call.

Jade has not just changed my business, but also my life. She has helped me go from being a chaotic mess to a dream business. I highly recommend Jade 100% if you are needing help.

• Take a hard look at your pain points for better business strategy, systems, or marketing impact.
• Get clarity for your next move and how to get yourself moving in that direction.
• Explore tools of interest and identify what would work for you.
• Troubleshoot problem areas with brief tech support as we have time.
• Create a realistic game plan for expanding your support team (or up-leveling your solopreneurship).

• Clearer about your next steps and confident about how to proceed
• Encouraged, energized and empowered – ready to own your trajectory again
• Educated, trained and confident in your current toolkit or with new resources and possibilities
• Glad that you won’t be wasting time or money on tools you don’t need or that don’t fit your vision
• Relieved to have made a choice investing in your business and building a support system for the future

What if I can’t make our session?
You’ve got the option to reschedule if the original time you book doesn’t work for any reason.

Can we work on my systems during the call?
Sure! It’s totally up to you how we spend our time. 

• Is this a coaching session?
It can be! Sometimes these sessions benefit from a bit of time dedicated to coaching you in business or in life. It’s interconnected, and they all work together. I am a certified life coach, and am currently training to be certified in other coaching modalities. 

Investment | $197.

Clarity is a worthy investment.

Sessions can be rescheduled once if the original time scheduled no longer works well for your schedule. Session fees are non-refundable. Terms and conditions.

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