We're partnering with you for the long-haul, and in the most meaningful way.

You don't have to be the only one invested in your business.

Our Executive Admin & Ops teams shine behind the scenes, so you are free to focus on business growth!


Right-hand, proactive partnership

Executive Assistant and Operational support are almost always the first thing you delegate in your business, and can arguably be the most pivotal role to hand off as CEO.

Trusted values and long-term committment

The values of our people consist of integrity and determination. We are committed to an authentic working relationship and believe that open communication and expectations are the key to success.

High-level support and team culture behind the scenes

Mrs. Smith Assist believes in going above and beyond in the way our team feels and is equipped both personally and professionally. Our CEO and OBM are also dedicated to your strategic planning.

We can't wait to meet you.

When we meet on our call, we will get to know you and your business. Our goal is to get a sense for your business needs so that we can confidently recommend our services and be the perfect fit. 

After our call, we will send you a proposal and then start onboarding together within the week. Check out our FAQ below.

Commonly Asked Questions

do I need a project management tool?

Yes, we will need a tool to effectively manage timelines, tasks and communication through projects. We utilize our own project management system internally, but we might recommend our team customizing one specifically for your business or integrating us into your systems when we begin onboarding. 

how many people on on your team? who will I work with?

Our EA’s and OBM’s will work directly with you in a 1:1 high-touch partnership. When working with our specialized teams, you will have a Lead VA, who is the expert in their industry, working 1:1 with you and collaborating with niche VA’s on your marketing and VIP projects. 

why hire a VA team and not a solo VA?

A team is often more reliable, stable, professional, experienced, skilled and committed than a solo VA. We’re really, really invested and we’re not just “trying out” being a VA. We are also driven by values, with an awesome team culture that’s consistently developing together. That will shine in your business when we partner with you!

what if I only need one month of VA support?

We are happy to help with a one-time project! Although, we work best in an ongoing partnership, and we think you’d enjoy that too! We can always start with a smaller subscription and grow when you’re ready. We like to be flexible and meet you where you’re at.

how can I get your team on specialized projects?

It’s easy to get started with our Marketing or Tech Teams. We’ll handle an Account Audit, Onboarding & Strategy to kick-off and work together each month. Projects like Dubsado and other custom projects will be one-time projects we knock out together. 


what other systems do you help with?

We work in Airtable to build custom bases with automations and other integrations, like Kajabi, Zapier, etc. We can also help with Clickup and most project management tools or CRMs.

do you track your hours?

Yes, we track hours for projects and tasks internally. Because the majority of our services are based upon deliverables, we do not provide routine hourly reports. We provide many types of weekly and daily updates, but if hours reports are ever desired for strategic business analysis, we are happy to help.

This Virtual Assistant Team Changed Meghan's Business

Want specialized support as you grow?

Our SpECIAL TEAMS include: 

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