The Holistic Business Heart

A community leading you into deeper awareness of your heart, your connection to the Lord, your success in business and your enjoyment of everyday life. 

Find fulfillment in your daily rhythms with Christian mentorship and community that promotes you into your purpose.

Getting real support as a Christian mom can be hard. 

It’s often that you feel alone and neglected, even if you know that’s not true. 

The solution is authentic, deep connection.  

It’s not surface level support, but it needs to be practical too. Your wealth is worth protecting and your time is worth carefully guarding. It has to work with your busy mom schedule, and it should compliment or add to any community that’s already in your life. 

You’re not looking for another “moms group” or “moms in business” masterclass.

Your heart is longing for a place where you are truly seen as you navigate your journey into purpose with the Lord as your Shepherd. This place of belonging will be consistent with biblical support that is safe, encouraging, and impactful as you take real steps towards who you want to be in EVERY area of life – motherhood, business, faith,  and so much more. You are not “just a mom” or “just” anything….

Here's what you'll find in The Holistic Business Heart...

Coaching + Mentorship

You gain access to all the different coaching you’re looking for at this season in life – in business, motherhood, the call to life in Jesus, and the fulfillment of your dreams as you become the best version of yourself.

Through group coaching, live mentor calls, private messaging, and guided workshops, you will have flexible opportunities to get support.

Community at the Table

Workshop-style community creates space for life-giving accountability, authentic connection, and moments that allow you to pour into and invest into other women too. 

This is the kind of community that keeps you going, and is your very own “think tank” of like-minded Christian women. Here you are learning the art of balance, just like every other woman, in this full-blown adventure of empowered, abundant living. 

Being inspired by Spirit-led and faith motivated mentorship in real relationship is the kind of support that will really help you thrive. 

The Holistic Business Heart

monthly membership
$ 27/month for a limited time
  • Live Weekly Coaching Hour
  • Monthly Community Workshops
  • 1: 1 Mentor and Community Chat
  • Founding Member Access to What is Coming Next

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