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You belong with a compassionate and wonderfully skilled team of virtual assistants. 

We are looking for those of integrity, purpose and talent to continue building upon our strong culture, powerful work ethic, and high-quality business support.

A little about us...

Our team is mostly U.S. based, filled with individuals who love to support thriving online business owners in their marketing, admin, and systems operations. Whether in the day-to-day routines, or in the collaborative complexities, we love partnering with solopreneurs and small businesses.

We're searching for talent to join our team!

We add all different types of Virtual Assistants to our team; social media and content experts, tech and marketing gurus, project managers, and more. 

When you join forces with us, you’ll be either a Lead VA or VA Assist. Read a description of these roles to find your perfect fit!

Lead VA


• project managers
• executive admins
• launch strategists
• OBM + DOO types

Are you an optimistic and passionate problem-solver who thrives in fast-paced environments? 

You love the thrill of meeting with clients to build out strategic action plans, delegate those moving pieces and work to ensure it all gets done.

This is an amazing chance to shine as a client advocate and play a key role in their success. Connecting and communicating with our dynamic clients is core to who we are. You’ll be their rockstar point person, with a quick and upbeat response to keep their world running smoothly and keep them at ease. Send weekly client love letters updating them on progress as you expertly manage task dates and details.

As the client command center general, you’ll strategically coordinate projects and enjoy empowering our collaborative team. Working closely with our VA Assists and making sure they have everything they need from the client in order to “wow” the client is what will make you shine in the delivery of every task. Feel completely trusted to take the lead and keep everyone and everything in order. Improving upon processes from our team where needed, you are the chaos coordinator and temperature setter for our clients and their experience working with our team. 

If bringing uplifting change and building relationships through dedication and “can-do” spirit motivates you, this is your dream job. As part of our champion team, you’ll help clients rise to new heights and expert team members produce their very best work. 

VA Assist​


• tech VAs
• content creators
• admin lovers
• marketing pros

Are you the behind-the-scenes expert in craft, working always in your zone of genius?

You’ll provide your knowledge and top-notch skills to support various client accounts. Communicating your needs and recommendations as the expert is key to our client’s success. 

The kind of work quality produced by our team is highly dependent upon you – we trust your skills and we lean on you to provide results and input that the clients need when they are trusting us to be the pros. Since you’re not client-facing in this role, you get to step into the work you want to do without the struggle of organizing a project or clarifying a client’s vision or expectations. 

Our Lead VA’s will manage all the project details and provide you everything you need from the client so you can jump right into building a landing page (if you’re that type of rockstar VA) or knocking out the oh-so-important daily admin work (if you’re the admin extraordinaire that every business needs). Communicating fluidly with the Lead VA’s will ensure that your best efforts come across in client’s results, so that their content converts, their systems flow effortlessly (etc!!)…and mostly, we are all blown away by the impact you provide when you’re in your lane. 

While many of our VA Assists already have a proven skillset, there is always room for growth and learning new tools. In fact, we encourage ongoing learning and our team is incredibly supportive and conducive to that learning environment.

Being resourceful and having an attitude that everything is “figure-outable” will guarantee your success as a VA Assist. Know when to Google and when to ask for help. Always willing to support teammates. Accept feedback to improve. Want to build long-term relationships? This could be your perfect role!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the schedule requirements?

As a true business owner, you set your own hours and work when you want. Success for our team means working according to timelines and communicating in advance to meet everyone’s needs for scheduling. Our chats in Slack throughout the week help so much to keep things flowing well, even across time zones!

We meet just once or twice throughout the month for team meetings, workshops or happy hour events. We encourage attending as many meetings and events as possible to receive and contribute the most value to our team. Lead VA’s may have more meetings with clients, and these are coordinated when they work best for you and the clients you serve. 

How many hours are available for the position?

Mrs. Smith Assist hires on a part-time contract basis at a minimum of 10-15 hours per month and maximum of 40-45 hours per month. Most of our team averages 30 hours each month, and these hours are determined by availability (both yours and work available) and your proven work ethic. 

What tools does the team use?

Mrs. Smith Assist operates heavily in ClickUp. We also use Slack, Lastpass, Google Workspace and Zoom. Depending on the type of work you do as a Lead or Assist, you may also use tools in your zone of genius, such as Dubsado, Convertkit, WordPress, Canva and others.

What is the starting pay?

Starting pay will range widely based on experience and skill. Some team members may start at $15 hourly, while others start at $25/hr or more. Mrs. Smith Assist considers all initial requests during the application and hiring process, and determines the agreed upon starting rate before onboarding. We typically have an introductory rate for the first 30 days of onboarding and then increase the hourly rate once onboarding is completed. 

How long are contracts given?

After your first 90 days, we consider you part of the family and hope you choose to grow with Mrs. Smith Assist for the long-haul. Many of our team members have been here for years and we do our part to keep it that way! 

Will my hourly rate change?

We encourage promoting from within Mrs. Smith Assist and encourage all of our team members to ask for a raise consideration every 12 months. We love to give back in other ways as well, such as giveaways, referral rewards, and bonuses for our all-star team members. 

Kind Words From Our Team

Joining the Mrs Smith Assist team as a lead has been an incredibly valuable and wonderful experience for me.

“Jade is the kind of client that you want to work with! She is on the side of her contractors and sees the value in you (as an individual) and the work that you do!  Here you feel like a member of a community and team.

I would highly recommend MSA both to potential clients and contractors.”

Ashley N Grant - Lead VA

I absolutely adore working with Jade! I've been working with her for almost three years and I will continue to work with her for as long as possible!

“She truly values her team, she’s a generous business owner, and she gives back whenever possible in so many ways. She also supports her team in difficult situations and stands by them! 

I know few business owners who have such an outstanding character as Jade.

Plus, everyone on the team is so wonderful and are definitely reflective of the kind of business that Jade has created. Overall, the environment of working with Jade is more than wonderful. Anyone who joins the team will be happy to be a part of Mrs. Smith Assist!”

Angelica Fitzpatrick - Lead VA

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