Are you feeling overwhelmed by the
prospect of launching your next big project?

Is the thought of juggling all the moving pieces of your upcoming launch causing you stress? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Launching can be a daunting task, but the good news is that you don’t have to go through it alone.

As a Certified Launch Manager and Tech Specialist with a wealth of experience, we’re here to offer you the support you need. From solopreneurs to multi-7 figure businesses, we’ve helped clients of all sizes oversee and manage every aspect of their launches. Our mission is to handle the intricacies so that you can focus on showcasing your unique offerings for a successful launch!

It's time to invest in a Launch Expert that can help you with:

In order for your potential client to buy from you, they need to believe 3 things.

 This is how we start all pre-launch planning and the key to  your pre-launch runway. (And not only am I telling you what they need to believe—aka the secret—but I’m also giving you the ideas for your content to help support each belief.)

  • 💭They need to believe that YOU are the person that can help them (otherwise known as “know, like, and trust”)
  • 💭They need to believe that your offer can give them the BIG transformation they are looking for
💭They need to believe in themselves and that they’re capable of getting this transformation.

Next, we…

Step 1: Analyze  
  • Gather all the data from your last launch and analyze what people are saying, what matters most to them, to understand your buyers’ pain points, objections, false beliefs, and desires.
  • Assess your current funnels and traffic, determine what’s working, what needs improvement, and where things are bottlenecked when it comes to messaging and content.
  • Uncovering holes in the buyer’s awareness journey and where your content needs to be honed to create a seamless customer journey.
Step 2: Strategize
  • Based on the data and research collected, I’ll strategize a pre-launch plan leading to your sales event (challenge, webinar, or summit) and launch.
  • We’ll determine what content assets are still needed and what can be repurposed based on this plan.
Step 3: Planning
  • I give you a recommended schedule of social content and pre-launch emails.
  • You’ll get my recommendations on any funnels that might need tweaking. 
  • My unique method, given to you in a written, strategic plan, identifies missed opportunities and optimizations that help increase conversions.
  • You’ll finally have a complete roadmap of exactly what content to confidently create that leads your audience straight into a launch offer they can’t wait to jump on.
You pour your heart and soul into creating a truly transformational offer for your potential clients. However, having a great offer isn’t what makes a launch succeed. 
It’s creating and implementing the right strategies, content, and systems to launch your offer with less overwhelm and more ease.
This is perfect for visionary business owners who need support creating a customized strategic plan for their launch. They also desire feedback from a seasoned launch expert on their offer to see where there might be holes or opportunities to expand.
You will walk away with the ideal launch strategy and plan that will work specifically for you.

The Investment

$1,497 (8 week launch)

$1,497 (8 week launch)

We also discuss… 

💻How much to include… or NOT include
💻Delivery Method: Live, pre-recorded, presell it, etc.
💻Tech and how to make sure you choose the right one
💻The planning process (making your course unique… and sellable)

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