It’s a daunting task to find a good VA and it can feel even more overwhelming to tackle the logistics. What do you look for and how do you know they are the right fit? How do you guard your time and sanity in a process that is very detailed and time-consuming? 

In this guide, I’m going to walk you through exactly what I do when hiring a VA for my Virtual Assistant agency and give you a behind the scenes look at the custom Airtable base that has saved me literally hundreds of hours in hiring VAs. Finding a Good VA can seem like a pretty tall order, but we’re going to make it happen and make it happen with ease. 

This comprehensive guide does a lot more than just tell you why you need a VA on your team.

We included everything you need to know about how to prep for it and how to make it happen.

This includes different kinds of VA’s and what they can take over in your business, a checklist to determine exactly what you need to outsource, how to prepare to hire your new VA, which systems are right for your business needs, and more!

This Dubsado setup guide was created to help walk through a top to bottom crash course setup of your new Dubsado account. It provides a high-level overview of the need-to-know info to make setup painless. This fillable PDF will serve as a checklist and brainstorming station to get things going.

Not yet a Dubsado user? Check out this blog and learn why you’re missing out.

This roadmap goes beyond affirming your confidence for your brand new VA business, it puts you on a clear trajectory for better self awareness and more sustainable long-term goals. The roadmap that you build comes from 3 key areas: your story, your toolkit, and your core.

In this guide and video training, we will break down each of these three areas and assess your unique ability to succeed as a Virtual Assistant. The roadmap guide includes a downloadable PDF that is yours forever, including action items, questions for healthy self-reflection. and a 30 minute video training. The roadmap training will renew your confidence and the overall sense of purpose for your new direction.

There are some common characteristics that can pretty well define which “type” of VA you are. If you’ve been trying to figure out what services to offer or what type of work you might do well in as a VA, this quiz is for you. It’s also fun to take if you’re just a little curious. 😉

PS. If your results are spot on, share the quiz with someone else and see what they get! If your results don’t seem like you, please email us to let us know. We are always open to feedback and ways we can improve results. 

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Dubsado is an all-in-one CRM automation machine. We use Dubsado for managing new client relationships, setting appointments, sending proposals, invoices monthly, and much more. We can help you set up your Dubsado account too. It’s actually free to get started! Go ahead and sign up for the trial, and once you’re ready to commit, you will get a discount from our partner link. Jade is a Certified Dubsado Specialist, so you get her 30% discount off your first month or year with this link!


Dub-ins is the perfect companion for your Dubsado proposals and forms! There are simple-to-use plugins that will elevate the design and function, and perfect out-of-the-box templates that you don’t have to code!! They also have an AMAZING community for Dubsado service providers, with all kinds of perks that I love. Check out Dub-ins here!

Do you have permanent profitability? Maybe you’ve tried Profit First, but you just haven’t been able to make it work for you. That doesn’t mean you failed and it’s not possible. It means that you need a fail-proof way to get your profits back into your hands. Jenni (profit strategist) and Kelsy (spreadsheet whiz) have created a tool that will change the game and set you up to be a Profit FIRST business owner. Check out Profit First Simplified here!

We are in love with Airtable! It's so customizable, we pretty much start every project here and build it to our imagination's capacity. We actually just like building the bases, and we look for excuses to do so.
Clickup is THE BEST project management tool we've ever seen. It's beautiful, fluid interface and user friendly, but it is loaded with features. They are always adding something new and it's worth way more than the cost. Even the free version will level you up. Just sign up.


 Many of the tools and resources we’ve listed above include affiliate codes. We only share tools that we believe in and recommend with confidence!

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