You know that business should feel good.

And you’re right, it should! A holistic, heart-happy approach to life and business will feel good.

Why do we always feel like we’re drowning?

How do we get stuck in frustrating situations with clients, that we don’t know how to navigate?

What happened to the personal growth goals?


The HBH Table (Holistic Business Heart) was created for women who want their businesses to be a reflection of their hearts and their lives: full, healthy, happy and radiantly glowing.

No matter your business, skill, expertise, enneagram, misfit habits or the overall crazy, I KNOW you feel this way.

Every woman wants her business to feel like it’s “gliding”.

Here are some reasons why we might not feel like we’re “gliding”:

• We get scared and neglect good communication habits.
• We make judgements and limit ourselves or box others in.
• We don’t feel confident implementing boundaries, and we lose ourselves to terrible patterns that drain us.
• The defeat and overwhelm leave us feeling hazy, discouraged, visionless and purposeless. Frankly, it leaves me feeling like I want to quit. Can you relate? Do you relate?


We can do things differently. And it’s SO worth it. But it requires something from us: diligent intention to develop and invest in ourselves. I know, I know, you’re already doing more than you can handle, so how do you do this too?

As a loving reminder…seeds don’t grow on their own. If you want to reap something good, you must sow something good. 

If fully alive, heart-happy business hasn’t been happening for you, it’s because you aren’t prioritizing it. I’m not talking about an impossible, imaginary world or a ridiculous standard of perfection.

A holistic heart-centered life and business is attainable! 

There are a few key components that make this happen for us regularly so that even if things go wrong and all the circumstances are haywire – we. are. gliding. 

Steps to an Attainable, Happy-Heart Business

Chances are, there are bits and pieces of your business that do feel like they’re clicking just right. Because, well, you’re in it! 

The things that DO feel good about your business feel good about it because it’s you! When you are settled into what is right, it comes across well. It’s just all the other stuff…all the yucky unsettled stuff that’s not coming out right and making you look and feel a little sloppy. Oh, I know…you’re not the only one. Even this cute little pic of me and my glowing family shouldn’t fool you! 😉

Each of these three steps below can be developed to transform your heart and the business around you. 

The ethics of our heart and business – If we know that it all overflows from our hearts, we should spend some time cultivating that! We all have a moral compass and often it matures over time. How do you get where you want to go without a compass? 

The wellness of our whole bodies for whole businesses – We work a lot. Like a lot. And when we aren’t working we are trying to do all the other things right. Our bodies consist of physical needs, emotional needs, and spiritual needs. Your business is actually no different. When we turn our attention back to a holistic approach of care, we learn to invest holistically for consistent, long-term stability and growth. 

The perspective for inner and outer workings of business – It’s easy to get stuck in the mud or with our head in the clouds, but we are still the leaders of our businesses. Finding support and reflective feedback helps us see clearly for better inner workings, which result in better outer workings. 

If you don’t commit to these areas of personal growth, you will not get anywhere. You’ll stay stuck in the same patterns for a long time, waiting and hoping for something to change. 

The power of change starts with the power of your decision. 

The HBH Table creates space for your heart to grow and thrive as you learn to lead your business with life.

Imagine for a moment what you and your business would feel like after and within this transformation:

You will be at rest, with peace of mind that you are succeeding when you just show up and stay faithful.
• You’ll keep being motivated with crystal clear vision because you can communicate boundaries with confidence and stay engaged with the dreams and the things that truly make you come alive.
• You will develop tools for monitoring your own patterns, cycles, downfalls and signs of burnout. You’ll know your red flags and how to overcome them
• You will have increased self-esteem as a result of honoring your choices, desires, needs AND honoring those around you with grace and kindness.
• Your potential will skyrocket as you begin to let go of control and petty attitudes. 
• The result of this transformation will include paving the way for other women to be free in this light-hearted, hands-open way of doing business
• Your office, your home, your team, your kids, your friends, your husband, your cat….they will all feel happier because YOU feel happier.

The HBH Table is a 3-month group mentorship roundtable that incorporates:

Weekly group sessions on Zoom
• Facilitated conversation to surface limiting beliefs and disrupt negative or unhealthy patterns
• Worksheets and guided reflection that reveal the change you need and the things you really want 
Intentional topics to challenge and mature our business ethics for communication, organization, boundaries and more…
Unlimited direct chat support and 1/month 1:1 sessions to talk business strategy, marketing support, holistic growth and more.
Free access to all MSA & TBH products.

There's a place for you at the table.

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