Are you all in, but it feels kinda scary? Or you want to be all in, but you feel kinda stuck?

Building a business is a lot of work. Especially if you still have a full-time job, or littles at home…

The dream of how Virtual Assistance could serve you is probably one you don’t want to give up on, but help is wanted to get from point A to point B.

There is SO much information out there to make it happen. If only it was that simple.

It takes time to absorb all this information, filter out the noise, and find what YOU need. And if or when you do invest in specialized programs, they teach you one particular skill (often without offering you any type of support along the way or after the fact). 

The Learned VA is different and this is exactly why. 

Want to learn more? Register to join our interest workshop and get a look Behind the Scenes! 

The Learned VA Behind the Scenes: May 19th at 10am CST

During the presentation we will take a look at:

  • My own journey (and the realistic timeline for your VA business to be successful) 
  • Our entire program in ClickUp – how it works, what we cover, and how you’ll know if it’s a good fit for you
  • Helpful takeaways to launch you forward even if you don’t work with our team
  • Our Special Offer for The Learned VA (exclusive to those who attend!)

After we’re done, you will feel:

  • Completely clear (NOT overwhelmed) about what to focus on in your life and new business
  • Released from the pressure to do things that don’t feel aligned with your goals and focus on things that do
  • Empowered to join The Learned VA (with this special offer!) or say no, so you can confidently say YES to something else
  • Grateful for another opportunity to expand what you know, get new ideas, and feel inspired again about this decision you’re making to be your own boss

We offer training and personalized mentorship for your journey to becoming a Virtual Assistant. 

We have no intention of dumping a ton of information on you and disappearing without any real help. 

The Learned VA connects with you through training modules, and yet also gives you face to face access with our team in coaching calls. We’re pretty sure there’s not another program like ours out there!

Look, we get it. You need to get your VA business moving and you don’t want to just throw down money (and time) you don’t have on a program that may or may not be a good fit for you.

Now’s your chance to see it all behind the scenes and start moving in the direction you’ve been wanting to achieve that work from home lifestyle. 

Sign up here ⬇️

We go live on Zoom Friday, May 19th at 10 AM CST!

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