The Learned VA

An interactive and self-paced
mentorship-training program
to learn the world of
virtual assistance

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Nothing prepares you quite like on-the-job training. 

And, in an environment where it’s ok to make mistakes, to receive kind, honest feedback.

In a program like this, you are guaranteed to thrive. This is exactly why many women look for an internship program when they are getting started. 

Wherever you are at right now, this internship will further equip you to absolutely enjoy the journey ahead and create your own success…just like Emily.

"Jade’s internship has been an incredible learning experience for me as I begin my virtual assistant business. She has given me a variety of projects to work on, allowing me the chance to experiment with different tools and guiding me when I needed help. She also has provided some great tutorials on different technology. Her internship is well-organized, and she effectively stays in regular communication with all of the interns. Jade is a wonderful internship leader, and I highly recommend her program for anybody looking to get started in the VA world!"
Virtual Assistant

Emily (who you see just above saying these kind words about the internship) is no longer a Virtual Assistant, but after scaling her business as a social media manager, she pivoted to begin coaching other social media managers….and now? Well, now she’s offering support as an online business manager and continues growing a thriving business in the online world. She did it, and you can too.

So many women who completed, or even just began the program with us, gained confidence, learned a lot about what they want their VA journey to look like, and they successfully launched their business into a full-time income for themselves and their families. 

It’s your turn. And we want to help.

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"Jade's internship program has been really great at helping me hone in on my skills to be able to narrow down what I want to offer. I have learned so much by being able to take on new tasks and learn to use new platforms that I was unsure of or unfamiliar with. Working with Jade has really helped me build the confidence in myself as a VA who's services are needed. Jade is more than willing to assist you with your needs and provide you with the training that you need to become the best VA possible. This internship is a great opportunity to the get helpful, hands-on training you need to become a successful VA."
work from home job
Virtual Assistant

I can tell you right now that the best thing about The Learned VA is that it gives you space to make this journey feeling completely seen and supported. 

We will be working with you every. step. of the way. 

There are a LOT of programs out there that teach you all kinds of things, but they leave you with only head knowledge you must put to work all alone. 

The Learned VA is equipping you through personal relationships with our team, and we keep your unique goals in mind. We want to see YOU succeed in this process. 

It’s not just about becoming a Virtual Assistant who went through a “certification program”. It’s about transforming and capturing your background, experience, talent, and heart into a new business that makes you come alive! 

We believe that everyone should have a support system just like this – and that’s what The Learned VA is all about.

Want to start by saving your spot, and finish payments later?

The payment plan option allows you to make a $299 payment today to save your spot, and then two payments of $299/month. Don't wait! The program has limited seats open.

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