VA for a Day

• Support for an entire day to annihilate task lists,
receive on-demand help and conquer too-big-for-me projects.

Your task list is frozen. And that is a problem.

What is the to-do that’s been stuck on your list?
Is it something you just can’t figure out? 

What is the project you’d like to jumpstart, but you just haven’t had the time?

How would it feel to set up that new optin, or map out your content and schedule it for the next 30 days on auto-pilot?

How would you feel if you finally began work on something that would breathe back into your vision, refueling your passion?

We can help you in just a day.

Here's how this works...

It all starts right here after you decide to go for it. You’ll choose a date that works for you and we’ll get a bit more info to begin pairing you perfectly with a VA from our team. 

Before the big event, we’ll make sure that we have everything we need to jump right in. You’ll be partnered with your VA via email, voxer, and our handy projects list.

During the day, your VA will work on any projects you choose. We’ll be around to jump on zoom calls, for getting started, wrapping up or anything in-between. 

It's time to go beyond break-even.

After your day, you’ll feel massively relieved, and gain a brand new vision and motivation to facilitate what comes next for you and your business. 

We love this process of partnering with you.

It’s a bit exhilarating to play a small role in your success. 

Ready. Set. Go.

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