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Strategic, Values-Based 1:1 Support for CEO's Scaling Teams, Operations and Systems

Our team of multi-talented virtual assistants has the expertise to tackle anything you need.

But, sometimes, you may want to receive deeper insights and direct support from someone who’s been in your shoes – someone who precisely understands what it takes to elevate your business and provides a tailored roadmap to achieve your goals.

That’s where Jade, The Founder of Mrs. Smith Assist, takes the wheel. 

What is the Biggest Problem You’re Facing in Your Business Today?

Perhaps you feel stuck and need guidance to help you achieve those “TRANSFORMATIVE” wins.  

Or maybe you need support hiring superstars to accomplish your targets and goals so you can scale without your constant direct involvement in daily tasks. 

The problem could also be operational efficiency. Maybe you need someone who will analyze your processes, recommend improvements, and enhance your overall bottom-line.

Whatever you’re facing, partnering with Jade means gaining access to CEO on-demand services that include...

Strategic Partnership

As your Strategic Achiever, Jade offers long-term partnership from the beginning. She initiates a holistic approach by questioning the big picture, strategizing effectiveness, and fostering sustainable growth. Jade leans into fueling you forward with desire, not just effectiveness.

Personal Guidance 

Elevate your entrepreneurial journey with dedicated, personalized guidance from an industry expert, ensuring your challenges are met with optimal solutions and emotional relief from the burden of loneliness that sometimes comes from business ownership.

An Elevated Investment 

There's power in consistent, incremental investments for quality and profitability. Your investments should feel right, and Jade will encourage investments that align with your season of life and business. She passionately aids in serving others and simplifying their lives.

Receive Expert Support - Custom Designed to Your Industry - to Unlock Your Business’s Full Potential.

There are three ways Jade works with clients to achieve their dream results. 

one-on-one strategy session

  • While focusing on your needs, the big picture, and your systems, you’ll gain profound clarity and strategies for sustainable business growth, plus no more overwhelm! 

  • During your call, come ready to share the challenges, obstacles, and never-ending to-do lists hindering your progress…..

  • And depart with newfound confidence and championed by a refined and more efficient workflow. 

The 1:1 Strategy Session is your exclusive space for strategic success.

Business & Systems Strategy Call $199

Quarterly Coaching and Consulting will change the game for you as a CEO!

Starting at $795 with payment plan options

add-ons available, such as systems and operational audits, systems implementation, and slack access between sessions

Coaching + Consulting

Embark on a transformative 90-day journey with Jade and receive personalized coaching and consulting packages designed to elevate your business and personal growth. Your journey together will include; 

– Strategic Goal Setting: Receive guided assessments and milestone checkpoints for realistic goal setting and vision realization.

– Regular Sessions: Enjoy the flexibility of 1-hour Zoom sessions, complemented by email and optional voice chat support in between.

– Holistic Support: Let’s prioritize your mental health and emotional well-being, recognizing their profound impact on your overall success.

– Business Audit: It’s time to thoroughly assess your business processes, systems, and more to create powerful results.  

– Mindset Transformation: Tackle limiting mindsets, combat fears, and promote breakthroughs.

– Industry Insights: Explore feedback and advice on business marketing, program offers, and scalable ideas.

– Resource Exploration: Access helpful resources and training on relevant industry tools.

And the best part? You’ll receive all these benefits, specifically tailored to YOUR business, accompanied by customized support, and CEO access whenever you need.

Navigating the challenges of being a business owner can be daunting, especially with delegation. Yet, Jade Smith, a seasoned entrepreneur boasting over a decade of experience in administration, operations, sales, and marketing, offers a dual perspective as a service provider and business owner. 

She’s been through it all and has successfully discovered the key to overcoming obstacles by creating Mrs. Smith Assist—a solution-driven enterprise adept at addressing any challenge you may encounter. 

As a result, Mrs. Smith Assist stands out as a premier Virtual Assistant team, having empowered over 100 clients and their businesses within the last ten years. From CEOs and founders to entrepreneurs and small business owners, Jade leverages her expertise to develop a customized plan for success tailored to your unique needs and industry.

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